When the open road calls you next spring, you’ll be ready to roll.

An RV is all about freedom. The freedom to explore. The freedom to find your own path.

But before you head out onto the open road, you’ll want to make sure your RV is free from major repairs and that includes damaged waterlines and water heaters. By protecting your plumbing with WinterProof™ before winter strikes, you can save yourself the possibility that sub zero temperatures will freeze and burst your waterlines.

When the temperature drops below freezing, even small amounts of residual water can make PVC and metal pipes vulnerable. Ice in the line can expand, crack and burst them open. Two or three jugs of WinterProof™ with BurstGuard™ protect your RV’s water system during even the harshest Canadian winters. It’s guaranteed to -50˚C.

  • Total water system protection
  • Prevents waterline bursts
  • Safe for winterizing plastic and metal pipes
  • Prevents water heater damage
  • Lubricates waterlines, pipes and seals

Your RV belongs on the open road, not in the shop for repairs.

With WinterProof™ protecting your pipes, you’ll be ready to roll when summer comes calling.

Stop Ice Cold. With BurstGuard™ -50˚C Guarantee.

Watch the WinterProof™ How-To RV Video

Stop Ice Cold.

With BurstGuard™ -50˚C Guarantee

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