BURST GUARD™ Guarantee -100˚F

Keep your boat afloat with WINTERPROOF™ Marine Water System Antifreeze solution, specially formulated for boats.

It’s smooth sailing with WINTERPROOF™ Marine Water System Antifreeze – now formulated specifically for boats. Keep your waterlines and heaters protected through harsh winters, and ready for the open water ahead.


  1. Complete water system protection.
  2. Alcohol free, non-flammable formula.
  3. Prevention of burst waterlines.
  4. Safe for engines.
  5. Safe for use on plastic and metal pipes.
  6. Inhibits rust & corrosion in metal pipes.
  7. Keeps waterlines, pipes, and seals lubricated.
  8. Specialized, ready to use formula.

Product Specifications

Item # Unit/Case Pack UPC SCC14
35-364WPUS/13147 4 x 1 USG 056438909545 40056438909543
35-365WPUS/13148 2 x 2.5 USG 056438909552 40056438909552
35-369WPUS/13149 4 x 55 USG - -
35-369WPUS-275/13150 1 x 275 USG - -

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