BurstGuard™ Guarantee -50°

Keep your home away from home safe from burst pipes and waterlines so you can enjoy s’mores around the campfire, not s’more costly bills.

Opening your cottage in the spring shouldn’t come with the stress of surprise costly repairs. Protect your plumbing with WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze before the harsh winter hits and you’ll be back to relaxing in no time!

Trust Winterproof

  1. Complete water system protection.
  2. Prevention of burst waterlines.
  3. Safe for use on plastic and metal pipes.
  4. Keeps waterlines, pipes, and seals lubricated.
  5. Ready to use formula.

Made for Canadian winters

How To Winterize Your Cottage


Keep your cottage plumbing system safe through harsh Canadian winters. WinterProof™ with BurstGuardTM -50˚C Guarantee provides up to 1 year protection from the date of purchase against any bursting and cracking up to -50˚C in all your cottage pipes and waterlines, when used as per the directions on the label. Follow these simple steps to keep your cottage ready for fun days ahead!

Follow the steps below that apply to your cottage.

Before we begin, it’s important that you know not to dilute the WinterProof™ All Purpose Water System Antifreeze product. Any water remaining in the lines and drains will cause the product to expand and damage waterlines. Bring product to room temperature before using.

1 Drain water system COMPLETELY.

Turn off the power in the hot water tank to protect the heating elements from trying to warm water that is no longer there.

2 Work on interior plumbing first.

Ideally, all the supply pipes will drain to one point, and the water supply lines will gradually slope down to a single set of drain valves. If your cottage is set up differently, you may have to crawl under the cottage to find out where all the pipes go and where the valves are located.

3 Open drain valves and make sure all taps (inside & outside) are open.

Leave all valves and the taps open over the winter so that any remaining water can drain out.

4 Attach an air compressor to the drain valve.

If you think there may still be water in the line from improper drainage or sagging pipes, blow any excess water back through the open taps.

5 Drain the pressure/gravity tank and hot water tank.

If the pressure tank is located somewhere other than below your cottage, make sure the line to the cottage is also drained. The pressure tank relies on a rubber diaphragm to create and hold the pressure to push water through the plumbing lines. If water is left inside the holding tank, it will freeze and possibly destroy this rubber diaphragm, making the tank useless.

6 Pour product into freshwater lines through the pressurization system or by removing faucet stems.

Drain the water between the pump and the pressure or gravity tank. The priming plug should also be removed and stored in a safe place. Add antifreeze until colour is evident at drain points. Make sure all branch pipes are treated. Disconnect the waterline to the pump and pull it onto the shore. Disconnect the foot valve and store it in a secure place to prevent any damage.

7 If you have a submersible pump, leave it in the water during the winter.

A drain valve installed on the waterline just above the lake’s high-water level will let you drain the line from the cottage to where the pipe enters the water, decreasing the chances of freezing and cracking over the winter.

8 Winterize the toilet.

Flush the toilet to get as much of the water out of the tank and bowl as possible. Some water will be left at the bottom that should be removed with a small cup or a sponge. For seasonal homes and cottages, also add 1 L (35.2 fl oz) to each toilet bowl and toilet tank and 250 mL (8.8 fl oz) to all sinks and tub traps. For optimal performance, change the product in water system and plumbing system every year. Make sure the bottom rubber flapper in the toilet tank is tied in the up position to prevent it from sitting in the plumbing antifreeze.

9 Winterize the shower.

Pour 1 litre down the shower-stall drains. The traps under the drains hold water that prevents sewer gas from coming up through the drains. If left unprotected, the pooled water in the traps may freeze and crack the traps.


Under certain circumstances, product may appear slushy or frozen. However, even in extreme temperatures up to -50°C, WinterProof™ All Purpose Water System Antifreeze is guaranteed to prevent pipes, waterlines and plumbing system from bursting when used as per the directions on the label.

Pink coloured dye aids in leak detection.


DISPOSAL OF USED WATER SYSTEM ANTIFREEZE: Observe local laws and regulations.

In the event of any inconsistency between the directions on the label and this step-by-step guide, the directions on the label shall prevail.

*The information above and contained in this document is intended to provide general guidelines on winterizing and is provided for informational purposes only. Recochem Inc. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein and disclaims any liability for the omissions, errors, or outcome of any project. It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, codes, and regulations for a project. The reader must always take proper safety precautions and exercise caution when taking on any project. If there is any question or doubt in regard to any element of a project, please consult a licensed professional.

Product Specifications

Item # Unit/Case Pack UPC SCC14
35-364WP 3.78 L O56438907268 40056438907266
35-365WP 9.46 L O56438907275 50056438907270
35-368WP 18.9 L 056438909538 NA


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