RV Antifreeze Protects Your Plumbing.

When the open road calls you
next spring, you’ll be ready to roll.

An RV is all about freedom. The freedom to explore. The freedom to find your own path.

But before you head out onto the open road, you’ll want to make sure your RV is free from major repairs and that includes damaged waterlines and water heaters. By protecting your plumbing with WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze before winter strikes, you can save yourself the possibility that sub zero temperatures will freeze and burst your waterlines.

When the temperature drops below freezing, even small amounts of residual water can make PVC and metal pipes vulnerable. Ice in the line can expand, crack and burst them open. Two or three jugs of WinterProof™ with BurstGuard™ protect your RV’s water system during even the harshest Canadian winters. It’s guaranteed to -50˚C.

  • Total water system protection
  • Prevents waterline bursts
  • Safe for winterizing plastic and metal pipes
  • Prevents water heater damage
  • Lubricates waterlines, pipes and seals

Your RV belongs on the open road, not in the shop for repairs.

With WinterProof™ protecting your pipes, you’ll be ready to roll when summer comes calling.

Stop Ice Cold. With BurstGuard™ -50˚C Guarantee.

Watch the WinterProof™ How-To RV Video

Click here for step-by-step instructions to winterize your RV.*

Step 1

Lower trailer to drain fresh water tank.

Lower the trailer slightly with the jack to allow better water flow out of the tank.

Step 2

Remove drain plug or tap to empty fresh water tank.

Remove the drain plug on the fresh water tank. This plug is fitted as original equipment. Your RV may already come with a drain valve or tap.

Step 3

Open taps to drain water… kitchen, bath sink, tub & toilet.

Open your kitchen sink taps, bathroom sink and shower taps to empty all remaining water down the drain. Flush the toilet. If you have an outside shower remember to drain that too.

Step 4

Ensure water heater is turned off.

Make sure your water heater is off. We don’t want to empty the water heater with the propane on and ignite it.

Step 5

Drain water heater. Release pressure & remove anode knob

Drain the water heater. Locate the water heater on the outside of your trailer and open the cover. Pull up the handle on the pressure relief valve to release any pressure.

Step 6

Apply Teflon tape to threads. Reinsert anode rod.

Re-insert the anode rod after the water heater is empty. It’s a good idea to apply Teflon tape or appropriate fitting compound to the fitting threads to avoid leakage. Re-insert the anode rod and tighten it.

Step 7

Connect sewer line. Drain black & grey water tanks.

Ensure that the black and grey water tanks are empty. Always empty the black water tank first then the grey water tank.

Step 8

Locate water heater & remove access panels.

You want to fill the water lines in the trailer with WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze. However you do not want any antifreeze to enter the water heater.

Step 9

Close cold & hot water valves.

Close both the bottom and top valves to prevent WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze from entering the water heater.

Step 10

Locate fresh water tank & pump suction tube.

Locate the fresh water tank and tube that will allow the pump to suck up antifreeze to winterize the system. If you do not have a suction tube you can purchase a winterizing kit at an RV service center.

Step 11

Close valve from fresh water tank. Open pump suction line valve.

Close the valve from the fresh water tank so WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze does not enter and then open the valve to the suction tube.

Step 12

Turn on pump for 15 seconds.

Turn on your pump for fifteen seconds to let the pump run dry. Don’t overrun your pump when it’s empty.

Step 13

Turn off all taps in kitchen & bathroom.

Turn off all your taps prior to filling the lines with WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze.

Step 14

Place suction tube in antifreeze & turn on pump.

Place the suction tube into the jug of WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze and turn on the pump. Exchange antifreeze jugs as they become empty.

Step 15

Turn on taps until antifreeze appears.

Turn on both the cold and hot water taps throughout until pink WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze appears. You’ll want about a cup of antifreeze to run into the toilet. Open the outside shower to fill this waterline with WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze.

Step 16

Pour antifreeze into kitchen & shower/bathtub drains.

Pour about two cups of WinterProof™ into the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the shower or tub drains. Clean up any spilled antifreeze. It is normal for the product to become ‘slushy’ and freeze in sub-zero temperatures but it will not damage the system.

Stop Ice Cold.

With BurstGuard™ -50˚C Guarantee

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