Easy How-To Guides to Help You Winterize

Winterize your property with confidence – with some expert knowledge!

Protect your investments by winterizing with WinterProof™ with BurstGuard™ -50˚C Guarantee. Our how-to guides have everything you need to know about protecting the plumbing of some of your most valuable assets against the harsh Canadian winters.


Keep your home away from home safe from burst pipes and waterlines so you can enjoy s’mores around the campfire, not s’more costly bills.


Get back on the open road faster! Keep your RV safe from burst pipes and waterlines with WinterProof™.


Keep your boat afloat with WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze solution, specially formulated for boats.


Nothing ruins plans for a pool party like cracks in your pool lines, drains, and filtering system. WinterProof™ Water System Antifreeze for pools provides complete protection.


Not using your hot tub in the winter? Keep your spa in prime condition so you can rest and relax in it easily when you’re ready to re-open it in the spring.

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